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kai: guise… guise please.. 

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Can we please enjoy this beauty known as Kai LIPS/TOUNGE/EVERYTHING NSBDADJSAHDJA???

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thanks for follow:D

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no problem. a good follow is just what i need to celibate finding my tumblr again. 

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Zoom otakuplanet:

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Zoom meronew:

OMG ! He’s sooooooo adorable *.*


OMG ! He’s sooooooo adorable *.*

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unedited Diablo 3 review

Call it bad parenting if you wish, but I was 10 when I played Diablo 2, the year it came out. I loved it; how it scared the pants off of me with nightmare inducing monsters, and a story line that made me play it over and over. So needless to say I was excited for Diablo 3, though I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t track it as well as I should, twelve years is a long time to keep track of something. Even after it was announced, I lost it in the massive delays, and it got buried under other games, Mass effect 3 And Kingdoms of Amalur come to mind. Much to my dismay it was a full half day after release before I could beg and borrow enough money to buy the normal edition and two days before I could sit down to actually play it.

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